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"There is no frigate like a book
to take us lands away"

-- Emily Dickinson

Bijou Le Tord
... to be alive all over again...

Claude Monet
"Perhaps, I owe it to flowers to be a painter."

-- Claude Monet

Pictures from A Blue Butterfly; A Story about Claude Monet
A Doubleday Books for Young Readers



in the

cold of


in ice

and snow."

pp. # 17








pp. # 19

Story Outline :

IN A GARDEN OF spectacular beauty in Giverny, France, Claude Monet painted flowers. Dazzled by the light he painted with rich colors of vermilion, emerald, and violet. His poppies, tulips, irises, and waterlilies have awed the world.
-- A Blue Butterfly; Front flap copy

Travel Sketches:

During the short trip I made to Paris and Giverny in preparing for this book, I was extremely lucky to see more of Claude Monet's paintings than most people are privileged to see in a lifetime.

If Monet could have watched me looking intently at each of his paintings, he probably would have smiled. And perhaps he was there--I think he was--when I first walked in his garden in Giverny, amazed at the multicolored flowers and the beautiful and forever changing light of the French countryside.

Somehow, nothing I had
seen or felt until then prepared me for what I was about to encounter at the Musée de L'Orangerie in Paris. This museum was built to house Monet's now world-famous Water Lilies paintings. As I stood there gaping at the pair of astonishing paintings, I had to humbly ask myself: How did he do it, using so few colors?

When I was ready to paint my book, I hoped I would have the courage to use the same colors Monet used. And I did, following a list he had worked with in the latter part of his life. We now know that the list was incomplete. It shows only eight colors: silver, white, cobalt violet light, emerald green, ultramarine extra-fine, vermilion (rarely), cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow dark, and lemon yellow. "And that's all!" as Monet himself exclaimed.

From the Author's Note

"He painted






pp. # 24

Books about Monet:

Claude Monet: Passion des Arts
-- Gallimard; 1992

Claude Monet, Life at Giverny
-- Claire Joyes; 1985

--Robert Gordon & Andrew Forge; 1989

Claude Monet: 1840-1926
-- Charles F. Stuckey; 1995

Monet. Nature into Art
-- John House; 1986

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... a place where dreams are born...
--Artificial Intelligence... Steven Spielberg


Praises about A Blue Butterfly:

" Le Tord wins big in this visual poem about the French Impressionist master.... Her Haiku-like text provides just enough information to inspire..."
-- Publishers Weekly; Fall 1995

"This book will inspire young readers to appreciate the tiniest details of the world around them."
-- USA Today; Fall 1995

"Le Tord's luminescent watercolors paraphrase some of Monet's well-known works,..., within this story-biography, in an accessible context for young children."
-- School Library Journal; Fall 1995

"...readers appreciate Le Tord and Monet's painting challenge."
--Kirkus Review; Fall 1995

"It would be an interesting choice to share with a child..."
-- ALA Booklist
; Fall 1995

"Le Tord's lyrical text and accompanying watercolors, is a gorgeous tribute to Monet."
--Children's Literature; Fall 1995

More about Monet:

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